Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

PART 01: MYSTERY OF THE LOVE'S HALL (in English Language)

Rann's lips quivered, "I can not forget ....," she said softly.
Glend still keep trying to sweep the leaves Rann to sweep up her lips gently. But the Rann did not show any reaction. There's only tears that suddenly poured from the two lids.
"Why are you crying?" Glend surprised.
"You're so gentle, kind, full of love but my heart can not ....,"
"Why do not you mencintaku?"
"I want to be and learn to love you .... but .... I am a lesbian ..... ....," Rann said removing the word from his mouth with a heavy and almost never clear.
"No way ....," Glend surprised.
"I can not lie to myself, Glend!"
"I do not believe ....,"
"No one trusted me .... even include someone who is loved very much ....,"
"Who is he?"

Rann was silent. His eyes stared deep into the rustling beach. Glend felt very heavy chest at the time. A woman who loved for years, was suddenly told that her lesbian .... And during this, the campus never once heard Rann intimate with other women. Even his look natural like girls the other campuses. Plus Rann has looks and beautiful bodies. No wonder almost all the men on campus mengincarnya. After going through the process of time and competition, finally managed to close Rann Glend Lareesty was pretty stunning.

"I love you so much, Rann Glend ....," with two balls at the transfixed eyes. Rann down. He closed his eyes. Glend swept wet lips and charming. Even though it was only felt her heart Rann of bargaining without any vibration.
But the Rann of trying to not hurt him. At least he was honest to tell all his heart.

"Rann, listen well, I do not care you're gay or not .... I will not even care whether you can love me or not .... I'm still going to love .... In f
act I will never step back was to leave Glend ....," two fingers clutching fingers Rann. His eyes were trying to show all the faith in the Rann.

Rann was surprised .... He did not say anything, but stared with eyes riveted Glend. Shore wind blows again revealing Rann long hair loose.

Glend Rann enjoy beautiful face with his eyes that did not budge. Slowly a current adult men began to flow ....
Glend Rann held in his arms. Although Rann only feel a hug hug Glen difficult to enjoy fresh, but he let it. Even when Glend with gentle fingers started down the entire body Rann. Where as if testing whether Glend Rann really a lesbian or just an excuse to reject it.
When the fingers start playing Glend bra to reveal the Rann .... Rann seems to let. Glend to merangsangi Rann with delicate flick-flick of the breast Rann. But the Rann really do not budge. His breathing was still fresh. While Glend itself felt increasingly rapid flow of lust is pressed ....